Tech Dentistry
Posted 9/23/2013
On Campus Dental Services Provided by Tech Dentistry

Tech Dentistry a full-service independent dental provider located inside Stamps Health Services on the 2nd floor of the Joseph Brown Whitehead Building, next to the Campus Recreation Center. The Institute’s goal in making dentistry services available on campus to faculty, staff, students, and surrounding community is to increase convenience; and to create additional options for each member of our community to address their healthcare needs.  Below are a few, quick, frequently asked questions about Tech Dentistry:

  1. What is the name of the dental practice? Tech Dentistry
  2. Where can I go to learn more? Please visit website at to learn about the practice. Under the "about us" section you will find the dentists that are in our group. The main dentists that will be taking care of your dental needs at Tech Dentistry are Dr. Nia, Dr. Toub, and Dr. Emadzadeh. They are the family dentists who will serve to keep your mouth healthy! Their schedule will rotate with each of them covering certain days of the week.
  3. How do I contact them? You can reach Tech Dentistry at 404-733-2022 or You can also visit the Tech Dentistry website to schedule appointments and or look up health related topics.
  4. How do I schedule an appointment? You can reach Tech Dentistry via email at, via phone at 404-733-2022 or by simply stopping by the office.
  5. What are the hours of operation? Tech Dentistry will maintain summer hours of Monday-Friday 8 AM - 4:30 PM and observe all Institute official holidays. Tech Dentistry will start with one day of dental coverage per week and grow to 5 days as our patient pool expands.
  6. Do they take the BOR dental insurance? Yes they do! - Tech Dentistry is "in network" with Humana and MetLife PPO Dental plans.
  7. Do they take other types of dental insurance? Yes they do! - Tech Dentistry accepts, and are in network with, over 20 other PPO plans from other major insurance carriers. Please visit this link for a complete list:
  8. What services do they perform? Aside from all basic and routine dental care Tech Dentistry has specialties available to manage your most complex dental needs.
  9. What if I don't have dental insurance? If you are either a student, spouse/domestic partner of a student, or faculty/staff of Georgia Tech, Tech Dentistry offers a 10% discount on all standard fees. You will need to mention this to the Tech Dentistry staff and show a valid gtID#. You are also eligible to sign up for the Tech Dentistry discount plan for $295 a year - This allows you to receive 2 cleanings, 2 comprehensive exams, unlimited problem focused exams, and a full set of X-rays as required for every visit. You can save up to 30% on treatment! Please visit for full details.
  10. Where is Tech Dentistry located? 740 Ferst Drive N.W., Suite 207, Atlanta GA 30332 (Second Floor)
  11. Can I use the BCBS SHIP dental insurance? YES!
  12. Do they offer any dental specials? All new patients with insurance are eligible for a free custom take home bleaching kit OR for our cash paying patients we offer an exam + X-rays for just $99.