Survey reveals more Americans likely to donate kidney if compensated

The Washington Post (3/23, Cha) reports a new survey revealed that 68% of respondents said they were “open to donating” their healthy kidney “to anyone, 23 percent said they would be open to donating to friends and family, and just 9 percent said they would not” donate. The researchers then asked respondents to consider donating for a $50,000 compensation. The results showed that “those already willing to donate to anyone, 63 percent said that the payment would make them even more likely to do it.” Further, of those in the second group, “composed of those willing to donate to a restricted group, 60 percent said they would be more likely to consider it. And in the third group that was unwilling to donate, 26 percent said they would reconsider because of the money.” The findings were published in JAMA Surgery.

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