Tricare Update

24/7 Access to a Doctor - Live Health Kiosk 

LiveHealth Online is available for students and employees and connects you face-to-face with a board-certified physician using your computer, mobile device or the LiveHealth Online kiosk located in the Student Center Healthy Space across from the information desk here at work. There are no appointments or long waits. All you have to do is sign up to use it! Use LiveHealth Online to get medical advice, a diagnosis and even a prescription if needed. It’s a great way to get the care you need when your own health care provider isn’t available and it’s more convenient than a visit to the urgent care. 

Tricare Update

TriCare Benefit Update

As of December 1, 2016, the TriCare benefit network will no longer include CVS pharmacies. Students with TriCare, please be aware that Stamps Health Services (SHS) Pharmacy at Georgia Tech is a participating network pharmacy and will gladly handle all of your prescription needs. TriCare beneficiaries needing their existing prescriptions filled at an in-network pharmacy may contact SHS Pharmacy at 404-894-1430 to request their prescription be transferred, or ask their doctor to send their prescriptions electronically to Stamps Health Services Pharmacy.


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You can make an appointment in person, via the Patient Portal, or by calling (404) 894-1420 and speaking with one of our appointment desk staff. The Appointment Desk follows the same Hours of Operation and closes at 5p, Monday through Friday. If there are no online appointments available, please call us for additional care options. 

After Hours Care

Please see our appointments page for specialized care.


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Hours of Operation

Health Services Summer Hours: 
Mon - Wed:  8:00am - 4:30pm 
Thurs: 9:00am - 4:30pm 
Fri: 8:00am - 4:30pm

​**Pharmacy closed every day from 12:30pm -1pm


Online Reservations

Appointment Times:
Mon – Wed: 8:15am - 4:30pm 
Thurs: 9:15am - 4:30pm​​​​
Fri: 8:15am - 4:30pm​

Upcoming Events

  • Jun 10 to Jul 8

    Faculty & Staff Wellness Walks

    CRC Wellness Hikes are beginner-friendly three to five guided hikes designed so you can get up, get out, and get home before lunch on Saturday.