Frequently Asked Questions
Posted 4/4/2012
The following Frequently Asked Questions are for new and returning GT students.

1. How do I get off “Hold” when I am an international student and can’t complete the requirements until I arrive in the United States?

International students should complete their immunization forms and fax them to Stamps Health Services at Georgia Tech by 7/2/2012 (2 July 2012). If there are tests that cannot be completed until your arrival in the United States, Health Services will help you complete those tests when you arrive at Georgia Tech.

2. Why must my Immunization Forms be faxed in to Stamps Health Services?

Forms should be faxed (404-385-0329) to Stamps Health Services to be captured electronically, tracked, and processed in a timely manner. Paperwork that does not arrive electronically may cause a delay in releasing your hold.

3. Which Tuberculosis Test is required for admission to Georgia Tech

Beginning October 1, 2011 Georgia Tech will require the QuantiFERON™ TB test as proof of absence of tuberculosis.  International students will be able to get this test overseas and fax it to us. The lab report must come from a certified lab and be in English with definitive lab values stated.  Domestic students unable to get this test locally may have the test performed at Stamps Health Services.  There is a fee to perform this test.  Once the lab is drawn, the paperwork will be processed and the hold will be removed (if that is the only item remaining to be completed).

4. What are the FASET dates?

FASET dates vary by semester.  Please visit the GT Success Programs FASET website for information on FASET and the FASET Schedule.

5. Can I get immunizations at Georgia Tech if it is not a FASET date?

No, immunizations for new students are only given during FASET and Welcome Week.

6. I just faxed my records. When will I know if the hold is removed?

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing your information. You can visit our secure website,, to confirm that your records have been received and all of your immunization requirements have been satisfied. You will need to log in with your gtID# and password.

7. How do I reach a person with my questions?

Please email and allow 2 days for your reply. Please provide your name and gtID#.

8. When will the holds be released?

Immunization holds will be released once all immunization requirements are met and all your paperwork has been processed.

9. What is an MEF and why is it required?

MEF stands for Medical Entrance Form and it is required because it provide us with valuable information in caring for you. Please fill it out completely and sign and date the second page before faxing (404 385-0329) to us.

10. Do I have to resubmit immunizations if I graduated from GT previously?

Students will need to update their records to comply with any Board of Regents requirements that may have changed.

11. Can my records be transferred from another school?

Yes, however, you must still submit a completed Medical Entrance Form. You are required to have a TB Screening six months prior to classes starting. Please fax these forms to us no later than 7/2/2012 (2 July 2012). It is imperative that your name and your gtID # be on all forms faxed to us even if they come from another school.

12. What are the prices of the immunizations?

See Price list on this