Celebrate National Radiologic Technology Week at Stamps Health Services

"I have seen my death,” said physics professor, Wilhelm Röntgen’s wife when the first X-ray of her hand was created. Wilhelm Röntgen discovered the medical use of X-rays when he made a picture of his wife's hand on a photographic plate. The photograph of his wife's hand was the first photograph of a human body part using X-rays. Since Röntgen's discovery that X-rays can identify bone structures, X-rays have been used for medical imaging. This week we celebrate the discovery of the X-ray as well as the radiologic technologists who use this device every day during National Radiologic Technology Week!

Radiologic technologists play a significant role on the Stamps Health Services (SHS) healthcare team.  SHS senior director, Dr. Ben Holton said, “our radiology technicians play a vital role in helping providers make a correct diagnosis and implement correct treatment for many of our patients. Without their expertise, we could not provide the highest quality care for which we strive for at Stamps.” They take classes in anatomy, patient positioning, exam techniques, equipment protocols, radiation safety, protection & patient care. Their expertise provides an extremely valuable role in early and accurate diagnosis, as well as monitoring disease progression and treatment efficacy. 

X-ray imaging creates pictures of the inside of your body. The images show parts of your body in different shades of black and white depending on the density of the material the radiation passes through. Bones appear white because of the high calcium density in bones. X-rays imaging is a noninvasive way to diagnose disease and monitor therapy, support medical and surgical treatment planning, and guide medical personnel as they insert catheters, stents, or other devices inside the body. SHS radiology coordinator Tabarrion Stoves said, “I get to help identify illnesses and injuries not normally seen without some form of advanced imaging. I enjoy that I get to make a difference in others health and recovery outcome by creating high-quality images on a daily basis.”

The radiology department at Stamps Health Services provides general diagnostic x-ray imaging services and are all registered with the American Registry of Radiologic. Most of these services are included in the health fee. Make sure to take a moment this week to thank the SHS radiologic technologists for the part they play in keeping you healthy at Georgia Tech! For more information about SHS services go to, health.gatech.edu/lab.

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