Four Tips for Staying Healthy Over Spring Break

Warmer weather and longer days mean Spring Break is here! Whether you are staying on campus for a much-needed break or traveling to a new destination, it is important to take care of yourself and others. Here are some tips and tricks provided by the Health Initiatives health educators and dieticians and the Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) aquatic and fitness coordinator to help keep you safe and healthy over Spring Break.

Incorporate Exercise into your Day

Remember to add a couple of minutes of exercise into your every day. Take a run on the beach, go on a hike or take a bike ride. If you can’t get outside, “there are a variety of bodyweight exercises that could be incorporated while traveling if there is no access to a gym or equipment” recommended CRC fitness coordinator, Stephanie Belcher. “Some of these include running, air squats, pushups, sit ups, lunges, mountain climbers and burpees.” Adding some quick exercises into your day will keep you stay healthy and energized throughout your trip.

Plan Ahead when Dining Out

Planning meals ahead of time will help ensure that you are eating healthy while taking a trip. Health Initiatives dieticians, Leah Galante, and Amber Johnson recommend looking at the menu online ahead of time. “You'll be able to choose the destination with the most appropriate options for yourself and go in ready to order the best meal and ask for substitutions where necessary,” said Galante. “If you enjoy dining out, don't think you have to stop if you want to choose more healthful options. With some preparation and savvy substitutions, you can order meals that are as nutritious as the ones you prepare at home” remarked the dieticians.

The dieticians also recommend that students “Make a list of the meals you plan to cook and what you’ll need for those meals before heading to the grocery store to prevent purchasing more than you’ll need.” Planning your meals ahead of time will help limit the time you spend at the store and will save you money in the long run.

Don’t go Overly Hungry to Restaurants

It is important to eat balanced meals while on spring break but try not to overeat. “If you're hungry before you leave for the restaurant, enjoy a snack such as a piece of fruit or small portion of nuts. Or, at the restaurant, order a cup of broth-based soup or small salad before your entrée arrives, recommends Johnson. This will prevent you from eating several portions of bread or the appetizer before your main dish arrives. It’s also important to remember that you’re on vacation, so relax, enjoy all of your meals and snacks, try new foods, and be sure to make time for dessert, too!

Take Care of your Skin

The skin is the body’s largest organ, so it is incredibly important that students take care of it! Health Initiatives health educator, Sarah Morales, recommended that students “apply a broad-spectrum, water-resistant, SPF 30 or higher sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going out.” Be sure to “reapply every two hours and/or after swimming.” In the words of Morales, “Everyone should be protecting their skin every day, not just on vacation.”

Whether you spend your week at home or in the Bahamas it’s important to incorporate healthy habits wherever you may be this spring break! For additional tips to stay healthy all year long go to

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