GOHS DUI Simulator Signup
Posted 2/4/2013

UNITE’s Arrive Alive Tour 2013 Program to Educate on Dangers of Texting While Driving and Drunken Driving.

Stamps Health Services, Health Promotion and the Georgia Tech Police Department are offering a drunk driving and distracted driving education program for students for Campus Safety Day. The Arrive Alive Tour from UNITE will visit Georgia Tech on the Tech Walkway, February 14, 2013, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. If you have any questions, or for more information, please call Tammy Turner 404-894-0473. UNITE’s Arrive Alive program uses a high-tech simulator, impact video, and a number of other resources to educate students about the dangers of drunk driving and texting while driving. The simulator allows students to experience, in a controlled environment, the potential consequences of drunk and distracted driving.

To reserve your place in the high-tech simulator, please use the reservation form below. By signing up for the preferred status you will be able to move to the front of the line.