Top 10 Positive Media Influences on Body Image


(in no particular order)

 1. Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty. A worldwide marketing campaign launched in 2004 to celebrate the natural physical variation embodied by all women and to inspire them to have the confidence to be comfortable with themselves.

2. Glee! A musical comedy-drama TV show that has gained in popularity due to it’s diverse characters and open discussion of societal issues. Several episodes tackle body image but be sure to check out “Home”.

3. Queen Latifah. An advocate of positive body image everywhere, Queen Latifah promotes that feeling good about yourself is a better goal than trying to fit into the media’s image of what is “healthy”.


4. Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” Campaign. The campaign will combat the epidemic of childhood obesity through a comprehensive approach that will engage every sector impacting the health of children and will provide schools, families and communities simple tools to help kids be more active, eat better, and get healthy.

5. Operation Beautiful. The goal of Operation Beautiful is to end negative self-talk by leaving an anonymous note with the words “You are beautiful” in a public place for others to stumble upon.

6. Fat Talk Free Week. Hosted by various organizations it aims to eliminate all of the statements made in everyday conversation that reinforce the thin ideal and contribute to women’s dissatisfaction with their bodies.

7. Adios, Barbie. The mission of the book and website is to promote healthy body and self-image in folks of all races, sizes, ages, sexual orientations and abilities.

8. R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance). R.A.I.D., based in L.A., is a radically inclusive dance troupe with the simple idea that everyone has the right to dance despite the way they look.

9. How to Look Good Naked on Lifetime. This makeover TV show encourages women and men who are insecure about their bodies to feel confident without cosmetic surgery or losing weight.

10. GT Campaign for Everybody Week. Held Feb.20-26, men and women will have the opportunity to examine perceptions and attitudes related to body image and participate in discussions on body image issues on-campus through various events.

 Source:  GT Campaign for Everybody