New Allergy Injection Patients to Health Services

Allergy Injections: Getting Started

If you get regular allergy injections from an allergy specialist and would like to continue to receive your injections while enrolled at Georgia Tech, arrangements can be made to receive allergy injections from Stamps Health Services under most circumstances.  Please read Frequently Asked Questions and Allergy Injections Information Form before getting started. 

STEP 1. In order to receive allergy injections from the allergy staff at Stamps Health Services (SHS), all incoming students must have an allergist in the Atlanta area.  SHS allergy staff works closely with a number of allergists located near campus.  List of Local Allergists.  If you need to transfer your care, an appointment should be scheduled with an Atlanta area allergist prior to calling for an appointment at SHS.

STEP 2. Download and complete the following forms from this website:

STEP 3. Complete the downloaded forms and take all the forms to your appointment with your Atlanta based Allergist.   We do not accept hand written orders for Allergy Injection Schedule Orders.  Your allergist can use our fillable form at   Once all forms are completed you may fax them to 404-894-6254 or you may deliver them in person to the Allergy and Immunization Department at Stamps Health Services.

STEP 4. Once SHS receives all your paperwork, a letter authorizing SHS to administer your injections will be faxed to your allergist for his/her signature. 

STEP 5. After all the above steps are completed and the signed agreement letter is received, you may make an injection appointment at Stamps Health Services.  Please call 404-385-4995 to make the first appointment.  After the first appointment you may schedule all other appointments online at

General Information

  • If your allergist requires you to pre-medicate before your injection and you have not done so, YOU WILL NEED TO RESCHEDULE.
  • Please arrange for your serums to be delivered to Stamps Health Services “cool to touch.”  We do not accept serum that is at room temperature or warm. 
  • Always bring antihistamine medication and an EpiPen® with you when you come for an injection as a safety precaution.
  • You MUST have injection sites checked by a nurse 30 minutes after injection. There are no exceptions to this policy. You must wait inside the Stamps Health Services building during your wait time. FAILURE TO ABIDE BY THIS SAFETY POLICY WILL RESULT IN TERMINATION OF ALLERGY INJECTIONS AT STAMPS HEALTH SERVICES.
  • Before leaving Stamps Health Services, please go to the Cashiers desk to check out.
  • While waiting to have injection sites checked, notify the nurse if you experience any of the following: 

-Runny Nose        






-Shortness of breath        

-Facial swelling


-Nasal congestion

-Pins and needles sensation of the skin