Steps to Complete the Immunization Requirements – For Students Who Received Vaccines outside of the United States

Steps to Complete the Immunization Requirements – For Students Who Received Vaccines outside of the United States

Please follow the steps below to ensure your immunization requirements are complete.

1. Print our Immunization Forms.

2. Have your healthcare provider complete the Certificate of Immunizations (page 2). If you have not previously received any of the required immunizations, please have your healthcare provider administer those immunizations (or if you previously had one of these diseases, a blood test to check for immunity). Please have your healthcare provider use the Certificate of Immunizations to document any vaccines that they administer to you.

3. You will also need to complete a screening for Tuberculosis. This screening must be performed no more than six months before the start date of classes for your first term at Georgia Tech.

A. For students born in the United States or Canada – Log in to our Patient Portal, the click on the Forms page. Complete the Tuberculosis Screening Form. Additional instructions will be provided within that form if any additional steps are needed.

B. For students born in all other countries – You will need to have an IGRA (Interferon Gamma Release Assay) blood test administered. Please note the following items.

    • If receiving live vaccines at the same time as IGRA testing, IGRA test must be performed on the same day as the live vaccines or 28 days later.
    • If the IGRA test is positive, you will need to have a chest x-ray performed within the United States or Canada to screen for active Tuberculosis.
    • If you have had a previous positive test for Tuberculosis, you should obtain a chest x-ray. You do not need to receive an IGRA blood test due to the previous positive.
    • Please upload the lab report (in English) and, if needed, the xray report on the Upload page of our Patient Portal so our staff can review the reports and mark the requirement as complete.
    • You may complete this blood test with your healthcare provider or at Stamps Health Services when you arrive at Georgia Tech.

4. If you are under 18 years old and would like to receive healthcare services at Stamps Health Services prior to turning 18, please have your parent or guardian complete the Medical Entrance Form (page 3 of the immunization forms).

5. Once your healthcare provider had completed, signed, and dated the Immunization Forms and provided you with the official lab reports (in English) for any blood tests that were performed, you will need to submit those on our Patient Portal. Please upload the Medical Entrance Form from step four as well if that form applied to you.

6. Once you log into the Portal, click on the Uploads page of the Portal.

7. Click the Select File button to choose a file that contains your completed immunization forms and lab reports.

8. Click Upload to submit the forms. You can repeat steps six and seven if you have multiple files to upload.

9. Click on Immunizations page of the Portal.

10. Enter your immunizations dates from your forms for each of the immunization categories.  You may enter all of the dates at one time, then click Submit.

11. Our staff will review the documents that you upload and the dates that you submit to ensure they meet our requirements. Please allow up to seven business days during the busy summer season for us to review your records.

12. After this time has passed, you may return to the Immunizations page of the Patient Portal to see the status of your immunization requirements. On the bottom right of the screen, you will see a list of the immunization requirements.  The items with a check mark are complete and the items with an X are incomplete. This will update as our staff review and approve your immunization records.

13. If there are any additional steps you need to take, we will send you a secure message through our Patient Portal.  These can be found on the Messages page. You will receive a notification at your Georgia Tech email if we send you a secure message.

If you need any assistance, please contact us at or 404-894-1432.