Contact Tracing

For fall semester, Georgia Tech will no longer perform contact tracing. Contact tracing will be performed by the Georgia Department of Public Health according to their protocols.

Individuals who test positive for or are diagnosed with Covid-19 should attempt to notify those with whom they have had close contact in the time period starting 2 days before they developed symptoms or 2 days before their positive test if they have no symptoms. Close contact is defined as those with whom you were less than 6 feet away for 15 or more minutes cumulatively in a 24-hour period.

Positive diagnosis of Covid-19 requires you to isolate from others for a period of time.

Students should notify their instructors and study group members that they will be out ill so accommodations can be made. Faculty should notify their students and colleagues that they will be out and make arrangements for their absence. Staff should notify their supervisors that they will be out sick or need to work remotely.