Archived Monitoring Covid-19 Dashboard


Beginning in August 2022, this dashboard, that has tracked Covid-19 cases since 2020, will be archived but remain publicly available.  In its place, a new automated dashboard, designed to monitor the overall health of the community, will track and report the status of wastewater testing and symptomatic positives from Stamps Health Services. No new data or positive case details will be reported in July 2022.

Over the past 18 months, Georgia Tech’s Covid-19 testing team has validated the use of wastewater testing for Covid-19 surveillance. Given this validation, Georgia Tech will transition from individual surveillance testing to wastewater surveillance testing to monitor Covid-19 on campus.

After June 30, 2022, asymptomatic surveillance testing will no longer be offered. Stamps Health Services will continue to offer symptomatic testing to students with Covid-19 symptoms.

The reporting structure follows the format adopted by the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH).
Understanding This Report: How data is reported | (**/***) Isolation and quarantine data annotations




Understanding This Report

How Data is Reported

  • A confirmed case is defined as a person who has tested positive for 2019 novel coronavirus.
  • The page includes positive results from multiple sources.
  • Cases are not added until patients are contacted and informed. 
  • Details of each case are provided by the individuals themselves; that information is then reported following HIPAA and public health guidelines.
  • As of Sept. 29, 2020, we began systematic loads of health alerts data in order to deliver more timely and consistent data and enhanced transparency. This allowed for streamlined data visualization to be integrated into the page, while maintaining a detailed per-case breakdown of information. Changes included:
    • A shift in results posting time from evening to mid-morning.
    • Small discrepancies in archived information. This stems an audit in which a few duplicate reports were identified as well as some positive cases who were notified but not publicly reported on the correct day. Should you require additional information on these cases, please email
    • Surveillance testing data, previously reported separately from health alerts, is incorporated into the dashboard.
    • Details on data:
      • Tests are being reported based on when the test was run.
      • Positives are being reported based on the result date.
      • The surveillance incidence positivity rate is a measure based on collected date.

Isolation and Quarantine Data

  • **Not all individuals isolate/quarantine in spaces offered by Georgia Tech.
  • ***This number will update based on changes to Georgia Tech contracts for isolation space.
  • Students who reside on campus in Georgia Tech housing who need to be isolated or quarantined will do so under one of the three following contexts:

    1. Remain in quarantine/isolation as needed in their current room assignment if they have a single bedroom and do not share a bathroom facility with more than 1-3 individuals;
    2. Leave on-campus housing for a local home address to remain in quarantine/isolation as needed; or
    3. Be reassigned to a designated room (either on- or off-campus) provided by Georgia Tech to remain in quarantine/isolation as needed. Priority for the 3rd option is given to students who are not able to quarantine or isolate in either of the two prior contexts. As such, the total number of students in quarantine/isolation may exceed the number of quarantine/isolation units provided by Georgia Tech.

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