Covid-19 Tests for Travel

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Covid-19 Testing Locations and Hours

Covid-19 testing is available for students needing certified results for personal travel and employees needing results for business-related travel


Travel testing is done using Vault test kits; Surveillance testing is not a diagnostic test and results cannot be used for travel. Turn around time for results is typically 48-72 hours from when the lab receives it.*

Locations and Hours

  • Travel testing is available at Price Gilbert Library, 760 Spring Street, and Couch Building testing sites, Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  • Travel testing is also available at 760 Spring Street on Saturday, May 1 and Saturday, May 8, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. 

Testing Dos and Don'ts

  • Don't register on prior to the test.
  • Don't have anything to eat or drink 30 minutes prior to testing.
  • Do hydrate more than 30 minutes prior to the test to allow for a large enough saliva sample (additional sample is required for this test).
  • Do bring your cellphone to the testing site.
  • Do be aware of your travel requirements. Each airline requires different windows prior to testing. The testing site staff will not be able to advise you based on your airline’s travel needs.

During the Test

Notify the staff member at check-in that you need travel testing and they will walk you through the process via the Vault website.

Test Results

  • Results will be emailed between 48-72 hours. 
  • The email result can be used as your travel verification.
  • *Special notice for travel testing on Saturday, May 1, and May 8: Testing samples will be delivered by both FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service, and they will arrive on Monday morning, when the 48- to 72-hour processing window will begin. Please make your travel plans accordingly if you are testing on these dates.