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Will the Student Center be open as usual in the spring?

Updated January 5, 2022

Yes. The Student Center’s services will be open in the spring and available in their temporary locations while the Student Center is closed for renovations. Visit the Student Center Move Out page for details.


Will the Stinger, Tech Trolley, and Stingerette run as usual during Fall 2021?

Updated April 26, 2022

Detailed routes and schedules for fall semester can be found on the Parking and Transportation Services website.
Guidelines for riding campus transit:

  • Avoid riding Georgia Tech buses and Stingerette vans if you are sick.
  • Standing will not be allowed on buses. If no seats are available, passengers will need to wait for the next bus.
  • In light of the April 18, 2022, U.S. District Court decision and the subsequent decisions by major transportation providers to no longer require masks on public transit, the University System of Georgia will no longer require use of masks on campus transportation.

All transit vehicles are cleaned at the end or beginning of shifts. Frequently touched areas are cleaned throughout the day.


How are dining locations operating?

Updated June 16, 2021

Summer dining operations will follow current state and CDC guidelines to ensure the utmost safety for the campus community.

All staff will wear appropriate PPE for food service and cleanliness, and contactless/tap credit card terminals have been installed at all point-of-sale locations.

All dining operations will clean and sanitize during service. Effective May 25, 2021, seating capacity has returned to pre-Covid-19 levels.

For more information on dining, visit the Dining Services website.


Will I be able to study, work, or hang out in community spaces around campus during the fall?

Updated August 2, 2021

Yes. Georgia Tech has several academic buildings with larger open spaces designated for our community to gather, including:

  • Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons
  • Crosland Tower
  • Price Gilbert Memorial Library
  • The atriums of West Architecture
  • Klaus Computing
  • IBB
  • Scheller

These buildings will be open to the Georgia Tech community following current campus health and safety guidelines.


How often are classrooms cleaned?

All classrooms are cleaned by Building Services staff daily. More information is available on the Facilities Management website.


What Covid-19 safety measures are in place for classrooms?

Updated August 31, 2021

  • Hand sanitizer stands are provided in every building at the entrances and in restrooms and classrooms.
  • Disinfectant and wipes are available in classrooms and for workspaces.
  • All classrooms are cleaned by Building Services staff daily.
  • Facilities Management has upgraded air filters to MERV-13 filters where possible, and ensured all systems are operating optimally.
  • Fresh air intake and exchange rate has been increased in buildings when feasible.

  • More than 200 air purifiers have been installed in classrooms across campus.
  • Air quality sensors have been installed in various classrooms across campus, and the data is being captured and monitored.


Are laptops available for students to borrow? What about hotspots?

Updated August 2, 2021

The long-term laptop loan program has been discontinued; however, you can still request short-term loans via Gadgets.

OIT-Digital Services can also provide loaner laptops and hotspots to students. Requests can be made here (requires a Georgia Tech login).


How do I get set up to telework?

Guidance is provided on the Teleworking Arrangements website. For help connecting to Georgia Tech's Virtual Private Network (VPN), refer to these guides:


When should I use VPN? Are there services that require it?

Most online tools do not require connection to the Georgia Tech VPN. However, you must be connected to the VPN to access:

More details are available on the Services & Support siteBlueJeans and WebEx video conferencing solutions should not be used while connected to the campus VPN. The services will not work as expected.


What services can I use to conduct online meetings or collaborate with my colleagues?

Updated March 30, 2022

Georgia Tech provides several tools and platforms for virtual collaboration. Guides and tutorials for those tools are available at

Faculty should not use other, non-licensed or unapproved tools in order to protect student information.



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