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What process should a student follow to request an academic accommodation?

Updated August 2, 2021

Students who have a condition as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may request any needed accommodations by registering with the Office of Disability Services (ODS). Registering with ODS is a 3-step process that includes completing an online application, uploading documentation related to the accommodation request, and scheduling an appointment for an “intake meeting” (either in person or via phone or video conference) with a Disability Services Coordinator.

More information can be found at:


Will students be required to wear a face mask or face covering?

Updated August 2, 2021

Everyone is encouraged to wear a mask or face covering while inside campus facilities. Masks/face coverings are required on campus in two instances:

  • In alignment with CDC guidance for public transportation, both drivers and riders will be required to wear a mask while using campus buses and shuttles.
  • In alignment with guidance for healthcare facilities, masks will continue to be required for both staff and visitors. This includes Stamps Health Services and satellite clinics.


Will the instructional modes from the 2020-21 academic year appear on student transcripts? How would this affect graduate or medical school admissions?

Updated June 16, 2021

There is no current plan to record instructional modes of courses on transcripts. Many medical schools have already indicated they are aware of the move to remote learning and are showing flexibility under the current circumstances.

Specific questions about medical and graduate school applications or related issues may be directed to the Office of Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional Advising.


Will I be able to meet with my academic advisor in person?

Updated June 16, 2021

Throughout the summer (starting July 1) and in the fall semester, academic advising will be available in person. Additionally, most units will also offer some virtual advising sessions to meet students’ requests to continue this option.

Continuing students should check with their major’s academic advising units as well as review appointment options in Advisor Link. For current students, Find Your Advisor.

New incoming students attending virtual FASET sessions will work with their advisors virtually. Students attending in-person FASETs will be asked to complete some advising preparation prior to their scheduled FASET date, and they will also engage in in-person advising while in attendance.


Will my financial aid be affected if I change my enrollment plans for the semester?

Updated June 16, 2021

Financial aid eligibility is always affected by enrollment status. Students should contact OSFA directly via email and consult with an OSFA advisor about their specific situation.  

Because students do need to apply for aid for each academic year, it is important to make sure you have applied for the 2021-22 year so that you will be prepared for returning.


How do I access teaching assistant training from the Center for Teaching and Learning?

Updated August 2, 2021

New Teaching Assistants (TAs) can satisfy the TA Orientation requirement by completing the five basic modules in the GT TA Training Canvas course available at Additional face-to-face and online workshops will be offered during August. After completing TA Orientation, TAs can receive further professional development in teaching through CTL’s courses and teaching workshop series. 


What is the policy if students want to record part of their classes? 

Please check with your faculty member or instructor. They may prohibit students from making their own recordings unless required as an Institute-required accommodation. Faculty/instructors may allow recordings but prohibit sharing.


How will I know if my class is residential or remote?

Updated June 16, 2021

Students can access course mode designations in OSCAR. Course mode definitions are available on the Registrar’s website.



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