Events on Campus


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Can my student group plan our usual activities and events?

Updated August 9, 2021

Events must follow Georgia Tech health and safety guidelines.
The latest guidelines for Registered Student Organizations are available on the Student Life website.
Please also review the Campus Events Guidelines for details on the review and approval process for events. The Center for Student Engagement staff are available for consultation as student organizations revise their plans and event strategies.


What will be required for on-campus events to take place?

Updated March 14, 2022

Guidance is in place for any events on campus or at events or programs sponsored by Georgia Tech for purposes other than classes, professional education programs, or department meetings.

All indoor and outdoor spaces have returned to full capacity. Planners are encouraged to consider outdoor venues that reduce crowding and improve air flow. Planners are also encouraged to configure indoor spaces to maximize circulation of people and airflow. Guests are encouraged to wear masks based on their preference and assessment of personal risk. Planners are required to have hand sanitizer and additional masks at check-in tables. These items are available at no cost through Environmental Health and Safety.

Visit the Special Events and Protocol website for details on the event safety protocols for Georgia Tech events, as well as details on food and beverage service.

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