Sports Medicine

a patient

Sports Medicine in the Silver Clinic is open Monday and Thursdays from 1:15-4:30 pm.  Stamps Health Services provides comprehensive sports medical care including treatment for musculoskeletal injuries that are prevalent in a physically active community. A visit to sports medicine will result in the same outstanding care that Georgia Tech athletes receive. 

Appointment Information

  • Appointments in the Sports Medicine and Silver Clinic are released for scheduling at 7:00 am one week before the appointment. If you are unable to find an appointment in sports medicine, please choose a different date, check back later to see if an appointment has opened, or call (404) 894-1420 to schedule an appointment.  Appointments can also be requested online. 
  • To cancel an appointment, please call (404) 894-1420 and give 24 hours notice. You may also cancel online.
  • We do not accept late appointments. If you are late, you will need to reschedule your appointment. There are no exceptions.
  • The Silver Care team does not accept appointments for physicals.
  • Stamps Health Services does not give excuses for absence from class due to short term illness, hospitalizations or injury. Students who are too ill to attend class or who need to miss class because of a doctor’s appointment are encouraged to contact their professors directly and preferably in advance regarding class absence, hospitalizations, missed work, and make-up work. Students can pick up a “Proof of Visit” form at checkout.