The Stamps Health Services Pharmacy (SHS) provides prescription and non-prescription (over-the-counter) medications to the Georgia Tech community including staff and faculty members. Our goal at SHS is to provide prompt and accurate pharmacy care while protecting the rights of every patient.

Patients can request prescription refills at the pharmacy during business hours, via the automated telephone refill system 24 hours a day (404-894-1430), or through the online refill form. If you experience any issues with the online refill form, please call 404-894-1430 ext. 5 to request your refill.  Please leave a message if you call after business hours.

The pharmacy accepts most prescription insurance plans and can fill prescriptions from physicians outside of SHS.  Please call 404-894-1430 if you have any questions regarding your specific insurance plan.


The Stamps Health Services Pharmacy is registered with and licensed by the Georgia Board of Pharmacy as a Retail Pharmacy.  We follow all federal and state laws regulating the practice of pharmacy.

Quality Improvement Program
Our Quality Improvement Program monitors and evaluates the ongoing and overall accuracy and quality of prescription services. This includes all of the activities involved in receiving a prescription order from a provider, filling/dispensing a prescription to a patient, allergy and drug interaction monitoring, and medication therapy management.

Our on-site pharmacy staff consists of knowledgeable and caring pharmacists and technicians. Our pharmacists are all actively licensed and registered to practice pharmacy in the state of Georgia. 

   Pharmacy School to Work Learning Program

The SHS Pharmacy School to Work Learning Program is geared toward pre-health students who are interested in a medical or health related career field.  The program is designed to give the individual insight into the operations of a retail pharmacy.


Applicant agrees to the following requirements:

  • Wants to pursue a career in a medical/health related field
  • A minimum of two consecutive semesters in the pharmacy department
  • Able to commit to 3 hour shifts at least twice a week
  • Able to commit to a set schedule each semester depending upon the student’s availability and the pharmacy need
  • Complete required training modules prior to working in the pharmacy department (HIPAA, Combat Meth, Student Training Manual)

   Frequently Asked Questions

What information needs to be with my prescription?

A valid picture ID (GTID, Driver’s License, Passport, Military ID) is needed to pick up your prescription. We will update your patient profile including allergies and other medications you take at every visit.

Does the pharmacy accept all insurance cards?

The pharmacy does bill prescription insurance for most plans. To see if your insurance plan is accepted, go to the “View Accepted Insurance Plans” or call a member of our pharmacy staff at 404-894-1430.

Can I bring in a prescription or a refill from an outside doctor or pharmacy?

Yes, the pharmacy can fill prescriptions written by doctors outside of Stamps Health Services. Also, we will be glad to call an outside pharmacy to transfer any remaining refills you might have on a prescription at that location. Please provide the pharmacy phone number and the prescription name or number if possible.

Can my prescription be sent to the pharmacy electronically by the doctor?

Yes, SHS Pharmacy is set up to receive electronic prescriptions from any doctor’s office or hospital. Simply have your doctor search their electronic system for Stamps Health Services. Your doctor can send all prescriptions to us electronically including schedule II, III, IV, and V prescription medications.

How can I get my prescription refilled?

We offer 24/7 prescription refill capabilities via the automated refill line and our smartphone app. If you prefer to call the pharmacy for refills, call the pharmacy at 404.894.1430. Use prompt 1 if you know your prescription number, or prompt 2 to leave a voicemail.

I don’t have time to wait. When is the best time for me to come in?

While we try to get our patients taken care of as quickly as possible, the busiest times of the day are between the hours of 10 am -12 pm and 2 pm – 4 pm.

I’m going away for the summer (holidays, semester, etc). How can I be sure to have enough medication?

Typically, you can get enough medication to get you through the time you will be gone. If the cost is too high at one time, we can always transfer your prescription to your hometown pharmacy for the summer and transfer back any remaining refills in the Fall.

Can my roommate (friend, family member, etc.) pick up my prescription for me?

Yes, however, you must fill out a Prescription Release Authorization at the Pharmacy to be kept on file.

How do I purchase over-the-counter items, like aspirin or band-aids?

These items can be purchased by bringing them to the cashier/check-out counter near the pharmacy. If there is a specific item you would like, please ask the pharmacist to order it for you.

What services are available for Georgia Tech staff and faculty members?

Georgia Tech employees have full access to the pharmacy including auto-refills and over-the-counter medications. Our certified immunizing pharmacists can also administer your influenza vaccine each year as well as process your insurance for the vaccine typically at no cost to you.

Looking for Covid-19  Health Information?

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