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Will I be able to study, work, or hang out in community spaces around campus during the summer?

Updated June 16, 2021

Georgia Tech has several academic buildings with larger open spaces designated for our community to gather, including:

  • Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons
  • Crosland Tower
  • Price Gilbert Memorial Library
  • The atriums of West Architecture
  • Klaus Computing
  • IBB
  • Scheller

These buildings will be open to the Georgia Tech community following current campus health and safety guidelines.
Study spaces, reading rooms, collaboration and rehearsal rooms, recording studios, and group study spaces will be reviewed on an individual basis to determine capacity and whether social distancing can be achieved. Most reservable rooms have the revised capacity listed in the Event Management System and can be reserved per the guidelines outlined on that site. Some small rooms or spaces may be limited to individual study.


How are dining locations operating?

Updated June 16, 2021

Summer dining operations will follow current state and CDC guidelines to ensure the utmost safety for the campus community.

All staff will wear appropriate PPE for food service and cleanliness, and contactless/tap credit card terminals have been installed at all point-of-sale locations.

All dining operations will clean and sanitize during service. Effective May 25, 2021, seating capacity has returned to pre-Covid-19 levels.

For more information on dining, visit the Dining Services website.


Will the Stinger, Tech Trolley, and Stingerette run as usual during Summer 2021?

During the summer semester, seating on buses will be adjusted to accommodate social distancing. In alignment with CDC guidance for transportation, both drivers and riders will be required to wear a mask while using campus buses and shuttles. Distancing will remain in place until July 1.

The Gold, Blue, Red, Green, Emory, Tech Square, NARA/TEP, and Grocery routes will operate during summer semester. 

The Midnight Rambler and the Weekend Gold routes will not operate during the summer semester; those resources will be refocused on providing socially distanced transit service across the remaining campus routes.

Detailed routes and schedules for summer semester can be found on the Parking and Transportation Services website.

Stingerette service is limited to a single trip request at a time, with a maximum of two riders, to allow for social distancing. Stingerette service is available every night from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m., excluding official campus holidays.

Guidelines for riding campus transit: 

  • Avoid riding Georgia Tech buses and Stingerette vans if you are sick.
  • Boarding and exiting will take place through the back door whenever possible. 
  • Seating guidelines will be in place for social distancing.
  • Standing will not be allowed on buses. If no seats are available, passengers will need to wait for the next bus. 

All transit vehicles are cleaned at the end or beginning of shifts. Frequently touched areas are cleaned throughout the day.


Will the Student Center be open as usual in the summer? How will operations and events change?

Services and operations will be modified during the renovation of the Student Center. In the temporary spaces:  

  • Every other piece of furniture has been blocked off, distributed to other appropriate facilities on campus, or moved into storage locations to create space for social distancing. 
  • Increased signage and ground markers will promote social distancing and help manage lines. 
  • Plexiglass has been installed at all front-facing service areas, and all points of sale will use contactless/tap technology. 
  • All staff will wear appropriate PPE while in the facility and maintain social distancing.  
  • Facilities will be disinfected each night.  
  • All Student Center-planned events will have an online component. A reservation system will be deployed for event attendance to promote social distancing. 
  • Revised capacities have been developed for all event spaces in the Student Center portfolio. 


Are the makerspaces on campus available for students?

Yes. Makerspaces will use virtual queuing and online scheduling when possible and designate waiting areas for high-volume machines.

Space managers will oversee lab and hand tool cleaning, ensuring that disinfecting processes are in place, that tools are cleaned after every use, and that all common areas are cleaned.

If you have questions about accessing and using a particular makerspace, please contact the individual space manager.


Will I still be able to get help with co-ops, internships, and career advising from the Career Center?

Information and answers to questions about co-ops, internships, and career advising from the Career Center (formerly the Center for Career Discovery and Development) are available in the Career Center FAQs.


Are construction projects on campus continuing?

Construction projects will continue as contracted.

We have asked our independent general contractors and architecture/engineering teams to use their best judgment on all safety matters, including current health-related concerns, and to monitor their job sites as per their company policies.

If a member of their team displays any signs of illness, they are to send them home and take necessary precautions to clean/prepare the site to minimize exposure to other employees and to our students and staff, if they are working in an occupied area. The companies also continue to follow the direction of their risk management plans. More information can be found on the Facilities Management website.


Will outside vendors or other visitors be allowed on campus?

Yes, but all campus visitors and attendees at campus events will be expected to follow Georgia Tech’s health and safety guidelines.


Can I still get teaching assistant training from the Center for Teaching and Learning?

Yes. We will transition teaching assistant (TA) orientation sessions to a combination of synchronous remote or small-group sessions and asynchronous remote delivery using existing modules. The rest of the training programs, workshops, and academic courses for TAs will use a combination of remote delivery when appropriate and small gatherings with social distancing.


How are CARE, the Counseling Center, and Stamps Health Services operating and offering appointments?

Updated June 16, 2021

CARE: The Center for Assessment, Referral, and Education provides services primarily virtually, via tele-behavioral health. We follow strict criteria that identify which students need an in-person appointment and maintain staffing to accommodate those exceptions. Any in-person appointments will be staggered to reduce the number of students present in the center at one time.

Counseling Center: Clients are served with our full range of services using tele-behavioral health and other forms of virtual meetings. In-person appointments are available to students. We maintain in-office rotational staffing. Staff and students follow all recommended CDC guidelines.

Stamps Health Services: In-person and virtual appointments will be available to students. We will provide a separate treatment and waiting space for patients having symptoms associated with Covid-19 and use telemedicine when appropriate. Appointment schedules will be adjusted to limit the number of people in waiting areas, and all front-facing service areas will have plexiglass installed to promote social distancing. In alignment with guidance for healthcare facilities, masks will continue to be required for both staff and visitors.


As guidance has changed, will Georgia Tech allow more iGniTe students on campus this summer?

Updated May 30, 2021

When summer plan details, including course registration and housing, were finalized several weeks ago, those plans included social distancing inside classrooms and single occupancy in residence halls. Our plan is to honor the already established schedules and enrollment numbers, as well as the classroom and housing assignments that have already been set for the summer.     

Based on guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we will relax use of face coverings inside and outside for vaccinated individuals on campus, effective immediately. Individuals who are vaccinated do not have to wear a face covering. Individuals who are not vaccinated are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering while inside campus facilities.    

As announced recently, at this time, we plan for a return to a fully residential experience for Fall 2021, keeping in mind guidance for fall planning from the University System of Georgia, as well as guidance issued by the Georgia Department of Public Health, CDC, and the state of Georgia. You can expect additional details about Fall 2021 in the coming weeks as the Institute’s Covid-19 Task Force will be working through detailed plans that address what to expect as we return.   



For questions not addressed in the FAQs, these resources contain a wealth of information on the subject(s):