Covid-19 Vaccines at Georgia Tech

Covid-19 vaccination at Georgia Tech.

We have a powerful tool in the fight against the coronavirus. Covid-19 vaccines are available at Georgia Tech for those who are eligible.

9 Things to Know About the Covid-19 Vaccines.

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Vaccine Update as of November 23, 2021

A recent Federal Executive Order will require most federal contractors, including federal contractors within the University System of Georgia, to comply with Covid-19 guidance from the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force (“Task Force”). Details of the order can be found here.

Under this guidance, federal contractors must ensure that all employees covered under the Executive Order (“covered employees”), including those working remotely, must complete their vaccinations by January 4 to be fully vaccinated by January 18 or have their accommodation/exemption for a disability, medical condition, or religious belief requests submitted and under review by January 18. 

Georgia Tech does work on federal contracts and is subject to the provisions of this order.

Georgia Tech employees required to obtain a vaccination include:

  • All full-time or part-time employees (including student workers) working on or in connection with a covered federal contract.
  • Employees who perform support functions such as human resources, billing, legal review, and other support functions.
  • Employees who are in the same workplace as employees working on or supporting federal contracts but who do not themselves work directly on or in connection with the federal contract.

Georgia Tech is notifying all employees who fall into these categories for which a vaccine is required. Vaccines will be available at Georgia Tech for covered employees. Accommodations can be requested by individuals who would otherwise be covered but have a disability or sincerely held religious belief.

The Vaccine Executive Order website will guide employees through the process of verifying their vaccine compliance status and, if necessary, scheduling a vaccination appointment. In addition, on this site, employees will be able to:

  • Upload their Covid-19 Vaccination Record if they received a vaccine outside Georgia Tech.
  • Submit a medical, disability, or religious accommodation/exemption.
  • File a declination to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Note that by filing a declination, you are opting not to comply with the Executive Order.

Visit to begin this process. Visit for more information, including FAQs and how to request assistance.

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Vaccine Eligibility and Appointments

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Vaccine Clinic Location and Dates

Stamps Health Services - 740 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332

  • Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (no clinic Nov. 23, Dec. 21 and 28)

Parking is provided in the W02 deck.

Prior to your appointment, review the instructions for prepare for your vaccination.

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About the Vaccine

Georgia Tech biomedical engineering professors Phil Santangelo and James Dahlman discuss how the COVID-19 vaccine is made and how it works.