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How do I get my immunization documents to Stamps Health Services?
  • You must upload your completed forms and, if applicable, lab results on the Upload tab of Please upload your forms/lab results as a .pdf file. There is a 4MB file size limit. Please make sure the file name does not include any special characters (&,\,/,spaces,etc.). You will receive an error if the file name includes special characters.  In addition, you will need to enter your immunization injections/lab test dates on the Immunization tab on the same website.
Will a hold be placed on my student account?

Yes, if you do not complete your immunization requirements, a registration hold will be placed on your student account.

How can I complete requirements once I arrive at Tech?

You may come to Stamps Health Services to complete your requirements. Please see our website for hours. Please call 404-385-4995 for an appointment.

Can I get Immunizations at Tech if it is not a FASET date?

No, immunizations for new students are only available 3 days before and during your assigned FASET and during Welcome Week (the week before Fall semester begins).

What are the prices of the immunizations and lab tests if received at Stamps Health Services?

See the price list on this webpage.

Can my records be transferred from another school?

Records are not automatically transferred from one school to another.  You must get your immunization records from your other school and upload it through our website. Please be aware that different schools have different requirements.  Please see the immunization forms on this site to ensure you complete all requirements.

Why do I have to use Stamps Health Services immunization forms?

Other forms may not include all of the immunizations that are required at Georgia Tech. For example, the University System of Georgia forms do not indicate whether you received a Td or Tdap vaccine. We require the Tdap vaccine and cannot tell from this form what you received. Using the Stamps Health Services forms on our website will ensure you complete all the required immunizations.

What are the FASET dates?

FASET dates vary by semester. Please visit the for information on FASET and the FASET Schedule.

How do I submit a waiver to be exempt from the student immunization requirements for a religious exemption, a permanent medical exemption, or a temporary medical exemption?

Please contact Stamps Health Services Immunization department for an exemption form and instructions. They can be reached at or by calling 404-894-1432.

I am a cross registration student, how do I satisfy the immunization requirements?

Cross registration students are required to meet all the immunization requirements. Once you have recieved your gtID#, take our forms to your primary school or your doctor and ask them to complete our forms for you. Once completed you must upload your documents and enter the dates.

I am a online student, do I need to satisfy the immunization requirements?

If the student is 100% online, they are not required to complete immunizations. If they are taking Hybrid classes where they have an option to attend in person and are physically located where they can attend in person, then they will need to complete all of the requirements.

I am a Language Institute/ESL student, how do I satisfy the immunization requirements?

Have your physician in your home country complete all forms and upload all documents including lab reports.

1. To complete everything at Georgia Tech, Language Institute staff will assist you in making online appointments.

2. If you do not use the Stamps Health Services Immunization form, then medical records submitted from your country must be in English. 

Can I submit my immunization records in any language?

No, all records must be submitted in English.  We strongly recommend that you have your doctor complete our immunization forms to ensure that you complete all the requirements.

How do I meet the requirements when I am an international student and can’t complete the requirements until I arrive in the United States?

International students should complete their immunization forms and upload them to this website. If there are tests that cannot be completed until your arrival in the United States, Any requirements you are missing can be completed at Stamps Health Services.  Please see the FAQ above for pricing.  The QuantiFERON test for TB may be obtained internationally if the lab is certified. The results must show reference lab values and the report must be in English.

There is not enough time to get all of the Hepatitis B injections. Can I get the accelerated series of Hepatitis B before coming to Georgia Tech?

We prefer that you complete the Hepatitis B series on the standard schedule.  Please start the series with your physician and continue the series when you come to Georgia Tech. Hepatitis is given 0, 30 days, 150 days; three injections over six(6) months. If you have already had the accelerated series, please submit proof of a fourth Hepatitis B injection given one year after the third injection or a blood titer (positive surface antibody IGg).

Are there any special instructions regarding live vaccines (MMR, Varicella, Yellow Fever)?

Two different live vaccines must be given on the same day or at least 28 days apart.  If the vaccines are given less than 28 days apart, the second vaccine will not be considered valid.

Which Tuberculosis Test is required for me?

Tuberculosis requirements are based on country of birth, not citizenship or residency.

For International born students, the QuantiFERON blood test is required to screen for Tuberculosis. International born students will be able to get this test overseas and upload it to us. The lab report must come from a certified lab and be in English with definitive lab values stated. Your doctor should be aware that the QuantiFERON test should be done before any live vaccine is given, the same day as a live vaccine is given, or 28 days after a live vaccine because a live vaccine can effect the results of the QuantiFERON TB blood test.  If international born students cannot get this test in their country, we will perform the QuantiFERON test at Health Services when you arrive at Georgia Tech. There is a fee to perform this test. 

For students born in the United States or Canada, the TB Assessment form (pages 4 and 5) must be completed by a Health Care Professional. If you are “at risk” you must have a TB Skin Test (page 6) in the United States or a QuantiFERON blood test completed and upload the results. If you come to Health Services we only perform the QuantiFERON test. There is a fee to perform this test.  TB Assessment screenings and skin tests must be completed in the United States or Canada.

Note: We will also accept the “T-spot” test which is equivalent to the QuantiFERON test.

How can a US born student complete the Tuberculosis requirement while outside of the US?

The only way for a US born student to complete the Tuberculosis requirement while outside of the US is to have an Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA) TB blood test. You will need to upload the IGRA lab report on lab letterhead in English with definitive values and reference ranges.  Or you can wait until you arrive in the US to complete the Tuberculosis requirement. In our clinic we do not offer the skin test, only the Tuberculosis screening form and the Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA) TB blood test.

I just uploaded my records. When will I know if I am complete?

Please allow 10 business days for processing your information. You can visit our secure website to confirm that your records have been received and all of your immunization requirements have been satisfied. You will need to log in with your GT username and password.  Please see additional instructions on the Immunization tab of the Patient Portal.

What happens if I do not upload my forms?

Health Services will not be able to verify your immunization data. Your record will be incomplete and you will be placed on hold.

I’m over 18 years of age, do I need to complete the Medical Entrance Form?

No, only students under 18 need to complete the Medical Entrance Form if they are going to receive services at Stamps Health Services. A parent or legal guardian must sign this form.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble?

Please contact our Immunization Processing Coordinator at or 404.894.1432. 

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